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Mediation Saves You Money And Stress - Tips from a Divorce Lawyer

Mediation is a voluntary, out-of-court method of resolving disputes or conflict between two or more parties. It is cheaper, quicker and easier than a litigated divorce. In mediation, a third party, the mediator, helps you negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement. Mediation can be done with or without attorneys. I am a trained mediator and can mediate your case.

Mediation is particularly effective for conflict resolution as it is far more structured, is private and confidential and has the advantage of allowing both parties to suggest agreement solutions that would not normally be accepted in a court of law.

Through the mediation process, an amicable, mutually beneficial resolution may be found and, where a settlement agreement is reached and signed, is binding to both concerned.

Mediation will resolve the practical matters of separating your lives in a safe and controlled setting without the time and expense of a litigated divorce. Divorce mediation enables you and your spouse to move on with your lives while retaining healthy relationships with your children and with each other.

If you have children, below are the TIPS for successful child custody mediation:

  • Consider getting legal advice from an attorney to get an idea of the legal pitfalls to avoid and legal interests to protect when it comes to custody.
  • Write out daily schedules for yourself and your child.
  • Prepare written custody and parenting time proposals. TIP: In preparing your custody proposals, think of special circumstances such as holidays and birthdays. Also, remember to plan for transportation details and exchange locations.
  • Gather all relevant records about your child, such as report cards, letters from your child’s therapist, etc.