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If you are facing a legal matter, it can be the most frustrating and worrisome time of your life.  However, the process doesn’t have to be a war, and your family doesn’t have to be destroyed.

I am dedicated to reaching a resolution specifically tailored to the needs of your family.

Your family deserves a thoughtful resolution, not the “cookie cutter” outcome of litigation.

Every family is different.  Every outcome should be different also.  Your family deserves and needs a resolution narrowly tailored to its situation.  

Quist Law Firm is dedicated to conflict resolution, not scorched earth litigation. My job, and the job of my firm, is to respond in a way that helps you through your circumstances and that does not simply react to situations.

My goal is to create or preserve an environment that will foster continuity and stability for your family in the long run.  My firm guides individuals and families through the process of a family law proceeding, whether it is a divorce or a custody matter.

As a “family focused” attorney, I strongly recommend Alternative Dispute Resolution as a means of resolving your family law issue.  Collaborative law, mediation, or simply negotiation is by the far the least damaging and most cost effective path to take in family law.

While I have successfully litigated many cases in Ottawa and Kent County, the majority of them should have been resolved outside of the courtroom.  Indeed, 98% of family law cases are resolved outside of the courtroom.

I am an experienced litigator, and I will try your case if necessary. I will prepare you for trial and explain the process to you. This is not, however, the initial route I will take, absent special circumstances. To quote one of our local judges, “When people come into my courtroom, there is a winner and a loser. When people resolve issues outside my court, the winner is the child and the family.”

From my office in Grand Rapids, Quist Law Firm provides legal advice and representation for clients throughout Kent County and Ottawa County in western Michigan.

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It Often Costs Less To Hire an Experienced Attorney Right from the Start

Many people come to my office after trying to handle their family law matters themselves. I may not be able to “undo” the damage inflicted by self-representation. Although it may seem cost effective to leave the lawyers out, it is often more expensive to backtrack and fix errors than it would be to have an experienced lawyer handle things correctly from the beginning.

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