4 Tips for making child custody work

Recently, you learned the court awarded you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse joint custody of your shared child. How do you make this arrangement work to everyone’s benefit? 

Parents magazine offers rules for making the most of joint child custody. Get insight on improving your child’s life and your relationship. 

Keep the focus on your child

With every decision you make, focus on what works in your child’s favor. Depending on how your marriage and divorce went, you may have hard feelings about your ex to sort through. Do not let animosity, hurt or anger keep you from doing the right thing for child custody. 

Do not badmouth your ex in front of your child

Also related to your current relationship with your soon-to-be-former spouse, do not speak ill of your ex in front of your child or where your child may overhear. You do not want your son or daughter thinking you feel the same way about her or him as you do your ex. 

Keep your commitments realistic

While you want to spend as much time as possible with your child, your work schedule or other commitments may make things difficult. Be realistic about when you can watch your child, pick your child up and drop her or him off. You do not want to make promises you know you may break. 

Learn how to communicate with your ex

Maybe hard feelings toward your soon-to-be-former spouse keep you from communicating efficiently with each other. If so, find a reliable way to discuss pickup and drop-off times for your child, schedule changes and childcare expenses. Modern technology offers several options. 

Learn how to navigate child custody like a seasoned pro. The right tips make all the difference for you and your daughter or son.