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Standing Up For Your Relationship With Your Children

In the past, many family courts assumed that mothers made better caretakers for their children than fathers. Courts in Michigan now try to assign joint custody whenever possible. Still, many fathers worry that an unconscious bias in favor of mothers will play out in court.

At Quist Law Firm, PLLC, we believe strongly in standing up for the rights of all parents to see their children. Our founding attorney, Courtney Quist, represents parents in the Grand Rapids metro area who need assistance with:

For any of these services or to handle another family legal issue, contact Quist Law Firm, PLLC. We will do everything in our power to advocate for you.

How Does The Michigan Child Custody Act Affect Me?

In 1970, the state Legislature passed the Michigan Child Custody Act and forever changed how courts handle custody issues. Under the act, family courts must presume that a child’s best interest is to have both parents — mother and father — in their lives.

This means that each parents enters a custody case with as much of a chance of receiving custody and visitation rights as the other parent, regardless of the parent’s gender. The court should give you the benefit of the doubt that you deserve a strong relationship with your children. When you work with Ms. Quist, she will help ensure that the court gives you a fair chance.

How To Use ADR To Resolve Legal Problems

Ms. Quist believes strongly that court trials usually escalate conflict instead of resolving it. She can work with you, your ex and your ex’s attorney to resolve your conflicts using alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Using mediation techniques or arbitration can give you more control over the outcome and avoid a testy court battle.

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